Why To Visit Gadhimai Temple ? part-1

Why To Visit Gadhimai Temple ?

    Gadhimai temple is one of the most renowned religious place of Nepal located at southern part og the country. It is Hindu's goddess temple known for "Gadhi" and people called her Gadhimai. There is presence of two temple at the site. Gadhimai temple always be the tourist attraction in every five years. Millions of tourist and pilgrims visits after every five years during the Gadhimai festival. The Gadhimai festival is famous for the largest animal sacrifice place on the earth. Millions of animals were killed during the fest in the name of saceifice.                        
view of gadhimai temple

Pilgrims at Gadhimai temple for worship
    Following points describe why to visit Gadhimai Temple.

Best attraction for tourists

     Gadhimai temple is located in village area. so, there is always peace environment. Temple has big garden with different varities of trees and one big pond having boat in it for boating. Temple has its own big compound on which temple of gadhimai is located. If we  enter in the compound of the temple, it makes us feel happy, comfortable and peace. We will hear the bell’s sound around the temple which makes our heart very much pleasant and makes us to forget all our wories and also people feels that it is attracting them. People believe that it is the power and love of goddess gadhimai.

Hindu’s Unique Goddess’s Temple.

    The temple is famous for the Hindu’s Goddess named Gadhimai. The name GADHIMAI is combination of two words, Gadhi and Mai. Gadhi is the name of the goddess and Mai means, The Mother. All people of Nepal called her mother, so the name Gadhimai was given to her and Famous all over the world with this name. She is known as the incarnation of Hinduism goddess KALI, who is known as goddess of POWER.
hinduism goddess kali
    She is known as unique goddess because she wants sacrifice of animals and birds for her worship. Due to this reason more than millions of animals and birds are sacrificed during the Gadhimai fest. Her physical look is also very much unique. No one can dare to see at her face and also in her eyes. Till know, I also haven’t seen at her face when I visit to temple. I only prefer to see at her feet and all people also do so. She has got scary face and eyes, body colour is black. All people get afraid of her because she is known as very angry Goddess. She didn’t excuse anyone for their mistake.  But she loves every people so much as a her child and also fulfills everyone desires. So, every people also love and respect her as a mother.
picture of gadhimai
Goddess Gadhimai

Believe that Goddess Gadhimai Fulfills Everyone Desires

    People worship goddess Gadhimai as their Mother and offer her different sweets, flowers, coconut's water etc. Everyday, many people from Nepal and India and also sometime from other country visits at the temple to see and worship her because every people believe that she fulfills everyone desires and care for all. Mostly people come to her with different problems of their life and share with her by worshipping her. People believe that if anyone goes to her with kind and pure heart, Goddess Gadhimai will fulfills their needs. She doesn’t able to see wrong people. So, people visits to her temple by removing all the negative thought from their mind and heart because the goddess may gets angry. And if she gets angry then something wrong will happen in their family and life. She is known as most powerful and angry goddess because she has capacity to do anything.

    If people gets happy by the fulfillment of their dreams and desires then they used to offer her, sacrifice of animals or birds according to their capacity during the gadhimai’s fest which holds in every five years. No animals or birds are sacrifice except that festival. Millions of animals are killed during the gadhimai fest because of fulfillment of people’s desires and also by their own desire. This is why more number of animals are killed during the festival. 

Lamp post at gadhimai
Small girl lighting the lamp at Gadhimai 
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